… And I’m Back

Well, it’s a little later than I intended, but I’m finally back.

And we’re not going to mention that the reason this post is so late is because kazander bought me a super-addicting, fucking fantastic videogame. Literally, every waking moment I could spare, I’ve been playing that thing.

The past week has been pretty much this.

The past week has been pretty much this.

But we’re not mentioning that.

So now kazander’s vacation is over and he’s back to work, all the family is gone, and life has returned to normal.

Ooh, and good news! That vibrating prostate massager finally came in! I haven’t tried it out on kazander yet, because his ass has been a radioactive danger zone all damn week. Seriously, I’m pretty sure the military would love to research the noxious gasses leaking out of his butt. They could use it to create the most effective biological weapon ever. And if it’s still an issue tomorrow, I am buying him some Gas-X, and so help me, I will tie the whore down and shove them down his fucking throat if I have to.

I can’t wait to try the thing out, though. It should be awesome!

2 thoughts on “… And I’m Back

  1. writingthebody says:

    By now I suppose you have tried it….maybe it is so good you cannot get back to wp to tell us about it…anyway, all best wishes…x

  2. keyless says:

    Glad to see you back! Definitely need to update us on the new toy.

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