Well Wishes Wanted

I know my blog has been neglected, and it’ll be probably Monday or Tuesday before I really get back into it (lots to tell you all when I come back, though!), but I wanted to write a quick post to ask for well wishes from anyone who happens to see this.

For those of you who may not know, I live in the fabulous desert city of Las Vegas, NV. Now, for a quick geography lesson: Vegas is a valley, surrounded on all sides by beautiful mountains. One mountain in particular is Mount Charleston, which is a fantastic place to go hiking, get away from the desert heat, or go play in the snow in the winter. There’s a ski resort up there and a small town of 520 people or so.

Currently, that mountain is on fire.

On July 1, a lightning strike caused the fire that has now grown to over 25,000 acres and is not even close to being brought under control. The people up there have been evacuated to the valley and the fire is dangerously close to their homes, and is slowly inching its way towards the Vegas Valley.

I’m in no danger. No one who lives in Vegas is. The mountain is all forest, but Vegas is a desert, and desert fires are super easy to get under control (seriously, like 4 guys with household fire extinguishers are pretty much all it takes). But when I walked outside this evening and saw that the flames had crested the top of the ridge and are now on the Vegas side of the mountain, I decided to ask for a quick favor from anyone who may be reading this.

I’m asking for prayers/well wishes/positive energy/whatever for the fire fighters risking their lives and the people who have been evacuated from their homes. So far, the fire breaks around the town are holding, but it’s been especially dry and windy up there, so even those fire breaks are no guarantee that those people are going to have houses to go home to at this point.

I wanted to go and buy some shampoo and toothbrushes and things to donate to the evacuees, but firefighters are actually asking people to stop donating supplies, so I’m grateful that enough of my fellow Las Vegans have donated enough food and supplies to support the people stuck here in the valley while the firefighters work to keep their houses from burning down.

Still, the fire is only 15% contained, and is growing exponentially every day. More than 1000 firefighters and 10% of the entire nation’s hotshot crews are up their risking their lives and busting their asses to get it under control, but it’s still a fucking mountain. There are nasty cliffs, valleys, canyons, and all sorts of things that make it difficult to get the necessary equipment up there. So please, any prayers/positive energy/meditation/whatever are appreciated. I’m Catholic (yeah, figure that out, with me beating my fiance an’ such) so prayers are my own personal thing, but whatever your thing is, it would be appreciated. Energy and thought can do some pretty amazing things, so don’t underestimate any mental/emotional/spiritual/religious contribution you could make.

Thank you, and stay kinky til I get back!

One thought on “Well Wishes Wanted

  1. writingthebody says:

    Well, dearest Jen, I do hope that it gets contained and sorted out. Those people do a marvellous job, I agree. Here in Australia, they are often volunteers as well. I think the country really should pay them, but well, they don’t. xx

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