How I Ended Up Knuckles Deep in a Stripper… And My First Time Going Down on a Woman

So with kazander’s work and both of us fighting colds, the last couple of weeks have been pitifully un-kinky. Oh, sure, we’d have some simple basic fun occasionally, but gawd, I was horny.

The extra stress (and working like, 18 straight days, 12 hours a day) from his job also made him very un-submissive, which bothered the hell out of me, but I knew the reason, and I allowed him his moody, surly, not-submissiveness. However, I made sure he understood that, when this week was over, he owed me HUGE, and I would be taking my owed pleasure from him in some very not-nice ways.

So that was part of his motivation for approaching me yesterday. He said, “I know I owe you big time, and I have a lot of strikes against me.”

I nodded. “Yes, you do.”

He paused here, and with that simple pause, he had my complete attention. I raised a brow, waiting for him to continue. Finally, he said, “Would it take any of those strikes off if we were to go out to the strip club tonight?”

I have no idea if I actually jumped and squealed like a little girl. I don’t think I actually did, but inside I sure as hell was. I said, “That would take a hefty chunk out of what you owe me.”

So we passed the baby off to the sitter and I picked up my phone to text Sexy Stripper.

Backstory: Sexy Stripper (or SS, for short) is the woman who made my very first strip club experience so amazing. Kazander had taken me for my birthday (since I’d never been inside one). It was the middle of the week and empty, but we were having fun. I got my first lapdance from a young lady who bounced her butt in front of my face and said, in a thick, lilting Israeli accent, “It’s a basketball!”

So I was having fun, admiring the crazy things these women could do with a pole and their bodies, when a gorgeous, tall brunette walked up to us and said hello. She ended up sitting with us for the next three or four hours, and we eventually got a VIP room, where kazander proceeded to go down on her (while in chastity, mind you… and I was starting to regret having left the key at home) while I played with her nipples and kissed her neck, etc. Awesome night. Awesome woman. I love her. I really do.

So anyway, I texted SS to let her know we were going out, and to ask if she was working. She said she’d be there at 11, and I locked kazander in his chastity, and we took off.

Kazander and I got there much earlier, to beat the crowd and get a good place to sit. We spent the next couple of hours talking and watching the dancers. None of them approached us (but that’s expected, since I’m a woman, and a lot of dancers are intimidated by couples in the club), but we tipped one or two of the dancers up on stage and had fun.

SS walked in and greeted us before going to the locker room to change into her “stripper clothes.” By the time she had showered, done her makeup, and walked back out to hang out with us, it was just after 11.

She hung out with us the entire time we were there. We finally dragged ourselves out of the club at 4. And really, we didn’t do much other than talking and just hanging out. We talked about everything from sex to relationships to kids to dogs to cars to the deplorable state of the education system in this country.

Well, she and I talked, anyway. Kazander spent the vast majority of the time playing with SS’s feet, kissing her toes, massaging her legs, and generally just being adorably submissive. And she loves the fact that I kept him caged up the whole time we were there.

Finally, we decided to get one of the back rooms. We paid for an hour, and then just went at each other. There were so many hands, lips, tongues, fingers, I sometimes had trouble figuring out who they belonged to.

And let me just say this. I’ve never really been much into super-thin women (or men, for that matter). I’m no twig myself, and I play rough. So every time I’ve played with someone very thin or very petite (or both), I’ve always had this concern that I was being too rough, that I would unintentionally hurt them.

But with SS, it’s different. I don’t want to be rough with her. And when she’s straddling me, kissing my neck while I run my hands down her gorgeous body, I can’t really explain what that does. She’s occasionally mentioned that she doesn’t want me to hold back for fear that I’d hurt her, and that she’d let me know if I was being too rough (she’s no amateur, after all, and even outside of her job, she and her husband often swing). But she’s just so beautiful, and soft, and smooth, and little, and that just sort of brings out this gentle, protective, sweet side of me.

Don’t get me wrong. There are times when I’m in that particular mood and I feel that way with kazander. Obviously, he’s not little, but when he’s exposed and vulnerable, it brings up similar feelings.

Similar, but not the same. The whole experience was so foreign, because 1) my experience playing with women (especially porn-star-caliber women) is limited, and 2) because the only lips that have touched mine, the only tongue teasing my nipples, the only fingers inside me for the last 4 years have been kazander’s. And SS’s touch is very, very different from his.

And that’s so wild. Most of the time, I was sitting on the couch in the room, she was straddling me, doing various things, while kazander either licked her ass, her pussy, her feet, or something like that. And the whole time was a huge mind-fuck. I was already pleasantly buzzed and insanely turned on, and seeing kazander service another woman (especially a woman I’m very attracted to) put me in a sort of mini-Dom-space. So with all of that, feeling a tongue that was not kazander’s on my neck, feeling fingers that were not kazander’s dive between my legs, feeling lips that weren’t his capturing mine…. Man, it was wild.

Of course, nothing can ever come close to kazander’s touch. Even SS, as awesome as she is, is no kazander. He just knows me. He knows what feels good, when he needs to be gentle, and when he can be a little rougher. No lips, not even the sweet, soft lips of SS, feel as good as his. Not even her thin, delicate fingers inside me can compare to his. As amazing as her body is, and as much as I adore exploring that perfect body with my hands and tongue, it’s just not the same. There’s nothing that can match holding kazander’s hips while I fuck him. Nothing can match the way his body so willingly yields to me. While I love and adore playing with SS, my main desire, when it was over, was to get home, grab him by his hair, and shove his face between my legs.

In all my (limited) experience with women, I’d never gone down on a girl before, and had no desire to ever, ever do it. Ever. But with the headspace I was in, and with as turned on as I was (there was one point where both of them were paying attention to me, and I had to make them stop because I was close to cumming, and I can’t stay quiet when that happens, and we were probably breaking some rules by going as far as we were going), that changed.

I think kazander wanted better access to her ass, so he kind of pushed her up so she was basically standing on the couch, one leg on either side of me, and her pierced lady-parts right in my face. At first, I still wasn’t planning on going there. He was having a blast licking and kissing her ass, and I was kissing her thighs, tracing light patterns on her lower stomach with my tongue, all that fun stuff.

And then, it just sort of… happened. I don’t remember ever really making the conscious decision to do it. I just kept getting closer and closer, and then I was face-deep in snatch.

And let me just say. If there’s a woman out there interested in playing with another girl, but a bit turned off by the idea of going down on another woman, I suggest trying a stripper. Seriously. These women take showers and douche like, every hour while they’re working. She was so clean, there wasn’t even a taste.

But it was pretty hot… I was licking her clit while kazander was licking her ass.

Time went by so fast. It felt like only a few minutes when we paused to take a quick break, and she asked if either of us knew the time. And sure enough, our hour was about up. So we got dressed, then sat and chatted with her for a minute to kill the last few minutes. Somewhat reluctantly, I got my things together. She gave me one last tender kiss, and then we left.

So it was a beautiful, fulfilling, amazing experience. And I think part of why it’s always so amazing is because she is a stripper. Her job is to make us happy, to keep us coming back. She doesn’t care that I’m a bit overweight, or that it’s probably been about a week since I’d shaved, or anything like that. So I didn’t have to worry about all that nonsense. I was free to just enjoy her company and her hands and her lips (both pairs), and watch her moan and squirm in pleasure while kazander and I played with her.

Part of me wishes we could’ve done more, but like I said, we were breaking some rules by going as far as we did. There was no actual sex involved, but prostitution is very illegal in Vegas, and I’m pretty sure we were skirting the law with what we were doing, if not blowing way past it entirely. I don’t know what all the details of the law are, but I wasn’t about to try for more and possibly get all three of us (and the club) in a shit-load of trouble.

But even with those pesky laws and the limits they imposed on our playing, I had a blast. We came home, kazander gave me two mind-blowing orgasms, and I slept like a baby. He still hasn’t been allowed to cum, but I might let him tonight.

Or tomorrow.

Or not.

5 thoughts on “How I Ended Up Knuckles Deep in a Stripper… And My First Time Going Down on a Woman

  1. keyless says:

    Happy July 1st! Sounds like a great strip club–do you guys live in Vegas? We have a place we visit from time to time, but the limits are even more severe–just touching, and no touching anywhere between the thigh and belly button (*sigh*). We haven’t been in a while, so maybe i will mention this to Her . . . . 🙂

    • Domina Jen says:

      Thanks! Yes, we live in Vegas. I was born and raised here, and don’t want to live anywhere else. But like I said, the limits may be much more severe than that. We were probably breaking some rules there. I hope you both are able to get out and have some fun soon! Strip clubs are awesome!

  2. Omg your blog iS great what a way you tell a story! It’s great!

  3. […] was devastated when I found out that SS is no longer dancing, and is now a house mom.  Ah, memories.  But I love when kazander makes all […]

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