Power and Strength

Pretty much anyone who’s ever met kazander (outside of our relationship) would probably die of shock to find out that he’s my submissive…. My slave, my bitch. They simply wouldn’t believe that he drops to his knees so willingly for me, and that I own him completely. They wouldn’t be able to imagine him tied to the bed, my hand around his throat while I fuck him with a strap-on. They wouldn’t be able to fathom the idea of him yielding so completely to me, my decisions, my demands. The concept would be so foreign, so completely alien to them, they wouldn’t be able to comprehend it.

Because kazander, in every aspect of his life outside of me, is the strong, assertive (slightly aggressive), dominant, alpha-male, type-A personality. Outside of me, others yield to him. Even his own parents, his uncle, his older sisters recognize that he is the one everyone listens to. He’s basically the “leader” type of person in his circle of friends. He’s always been the one other people look to.

And that’s a big part of what attracted me to him in the first place.

I like strong, powerful men. Both physically and mentally/emotionally. They have to be taller than I am (I’m slightly taller than average, at 5’9″), they can’t be too skinny (I’m no twig myself, and I don’t want to break some poor skinny boy), and if they could probably kick my ass in a fight, that’s a plus. They have to be strong and powerful, and kazander is.

So, knowing him and knowing his personality, little moments like last night are just so precious. We were about to head to bed, and he asked for a hug. We held each other for a moment, and then I started playing with his dick, pinching his nipples, running my nails up and down his back, nibbling his ear… just simple stuff.

But it was like he just melted. He curled around me, resting his head on my shoulder, arms wrapped around me, moaning softly… And I loved it.

Here was this big strong man, dominant in every other aspect of his life, just melting at my touch. This is the same man who intimidates others with just a look, who just naturally takes the lead with everyone else. This is the same powerful man who commands respect from everyone around him, who’s earned that respect from his friends, coworkers, and family members. This is the man everyone always listens to. And he’s mine.

I’m the only one who knows this part of him. The real kazander. The part of him he hides from everyone else. I’m the only one who can tame this powerful creature. With just a word, just a look, I can bring this dominant alpha dog to his knees. And I love having such a strong, powerful man at the end of my leash.

9 thoughts on “Power and Strength

  1. night owl says:

    My therapist suggested, after I was describing an time when I took the initiative during sex and got quite a thrill from it, that I might consider exploring my own power during sex more often. Thank you for the look inside your domina mind.

    BTW, I like the word ‘domina’ much better than ‘domme’.

    • keyless says:

      And see, when i went to a therapist, and explained that i was in a submissive relationship to my Wife, she assumed i was being abused and that i was neurotic. True story.

      • night owl says:

        I hope you fired her as a therapist.

      • keyless says:

        she is so fired.

      • night owl says:

        I hope to be an excellent therapist (I start grad school in August) but I do realize that no matter how good I am, no therapist is a one-size-fits-all. We all bring our lifetime of prejudice, preconceptions, and phobias to our practice.

      • keyless says:

        Indeed, and i did not harbor any ill will towards her. i in fact mentioned that she was probably biased towards my orientation and she agreed that she probably was. seemed like the perfect time to end the relationship 🙂

        Glad to hear you are entering grade school. Do you have a particular area of study mapped out within psychology?

      • night owl says:

        Indeed. 🙂

      • night owl says:

        Sorry, I hit send too soon.
        I’m going to get a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling. I think it’s inevitable that I will end up focusing on sexuality issues, simply because they’ve formed so much of my own life. And they’re great fun!

  2. ErnestWorthing says:

    If you mentioned his somatotype that’s three bogus psychological theories you would have right there.

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