Shine On Award


So a good friend and amazing writer, writingthebody, was kind enough to give me this award. He changed the rules a bit (you rebel, you!).

Instead of 7 random things, he posted the answers to seven questions, and I’m going to give my own answers to those questions. Cuz I’m a rebel, too. Just like everyone else :p

1. Rank these kinds of weather from best to worst: Sunny and hot, misty and cold, rain and cool, snow, ice, windy

His answer: snow, rain and cool, misty and cold, sunny and hot, ice, windy

My answer: Sunny and hot, windy, snow, ice, misty and cold, rain and cool (although putting these in order does not do justice to the seething hatred I have for rain. It’s unnatural and weird.)

2. Do you like outdoor music festivals?

His answer: No. Hate them, especially during the day

My answer: Never been to one.

3. Do you like drinking water?

His answer: yes, especially at night. Especially when I have drunk too much alcohol

My answer: Yes, especially frozen and put in alcohol.

4. Favourite alcoholic drink

His answer: champagne.

My answer: Margaritas!!!

5. Best drug experience

His answer: opium

My answer: Never tried recreational drugs. The couple of times I’ve been given morphine have been a trip, though (I don’t know if that counts). But one day, far in the future, when the kid is grown and moved away, I want to try Ecstasy. Just once. Just to see if it’s as amazing as everyone says it is.

6. Most fun while not taking anything

His answer: Music, rides

My answer: The occasional nights where kazander and I do nothing but listen to music, bicker playfully at each other, and talk. Those are my favorite nights.

7. Greatest sorrow?

His answer: death of my mother

My answer: Mistakes made in the past

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6 thoughts on “Shine On Award

  1. Mrs Fever says:

    Thank you. 🙂

    I like your answer to the water question. 😉

  2. writingthebody says:

    We are so not-compatible, well so far, but I love you anyway! Thank you so much for these….love getting to know you.

  3. […] tickled pink that Domina Jen has nominated me for the Shine On award. I’m happy to accept and answer the seven questions […]

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