So over the past couple of days, after a great deal of intensive personal searching and contemplation, I have come to a startling conclusion;

Being sick sucks seven kinds of dirty, hairy, monkey ass.

Really. It does.

And I’m still fighting off this damn cold. The constant wind doesn’t help, either.

On top of that, kazander hasn’t had a day off of work since last weekend, and is working a crap-ton of overtime. Doesn’t really leave him much energy for fun stuff.

So, between him being exhausted and me being sick, the last few days have been pitifully kink-free. And that’s irritating.

But that’s something I’m going to change tonight, so help me. I don’t care if I have to shove sixty cubic feet of kleenex up my nose to keep from snotting all over the place. I don’t care if he falls asleep in the middle of fucking his ass. This is happening, goddammit. I’m very horny, and (for reasons I don’t want to spell out, but you could probably figure out if you really, really thought about it) I’m very quickly running out of time for certain kinds of fun stuff.

It’s now or never.

Well, it’s now or next week.

And who knows? Maybe him passing out in the middle of playing will turn out to be a weird new fetish of mine or something.


5 thoughts on “Conclusions

  1. writingthebody says:

    Love this…do tell. Sorry about the cold though. And as you know, I hate wind.

    • Domina Jen says:

      Wind usually doesn’t bother me. But I’ve always had sinus issues (a fantastic genetic gift from my dad) and when I’m already fighting a cold, the wind just compounds it.

      But I saw a movie called Paint Your Wagon when I was very young, and in it is a beautiful song called “They Call the Wind Mariah.” Growing up, whenever we had windstorms (every few years we get one. Blows down trees, knocks down casino billboards, knocks out power, etc) I always thought of that song, so I think that’s why I like the wind so much. I’d be outside in it right now if I wasn’t still fighting off this cold.

  2. Love your blog!!! Addicted:)

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