Pretty Boys and Rope

So today, I came across some amazing pictures of shibari and bondage.

I want one

I want one

I’ve always been interested in learning about shibari, and have tried a couple of basic things with kazander. There’s just something so beautiful about seeing all that rope on a man’s body.

See, that's just pretty

See, that’s just pretty

It’s just so artistic and lovely and…. just poetic, really.

I have quite a bit of rope in my toy bag, and it’s been pitifully neglected for much too long. I think I need to break all that out tonight. Maybe add some pictures of my own to the many gorgeous ones out there. And I still remember how to do the basic shibari ties.

Yeah, that’s what I think I’ll do tonight.

Maybe not quite this intricate, but still...

Maybe not quite this intricate, but still…

One thought on “Pretty Boys and Rope

  1. Ms Mahler says:

    Yum. Thanks for sharing!

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