Real-Life Gets in the Way

Okay, so it’s been a couple of days since kazander and I had any real hot-and-heavy play, and yesterday, I was horny. So I decided that we were going to catch up on some of the fun things we’ve been too tired to do lately.

I had a general list of the things I wanted to do to him; strap-on fucking, bondage, teasing/denial, edging, even a little bit of wax play. And I had it all planned out. As soon as I put the kid to bed, I was going to take a shower and then lead him by his dick into the bedroom. I couldn’t wait, and I was getting wetter by the minute, thinking of it.

So I was pretty excited by the time I put the spawn into the bath. I had washed her and was giving her ten minutes or so to play in the water. And then, she decided she needed to poop.




In the tub. She shat in the tub.

I immediately pulled her out and handed her off to kazander while I cleaned up the mess (seriously, there isn’t enough bleach in the world). Then I had to bathe her again. It was almost 9:30 by the time she was finally in bed, and I felt absolutely disgusting, my mood completely ruined. I thought maybe a shower would help, but because we only have one shower, I had no choice but to shower where she had just shat. Granted, I had doused the entire tub with bleach, but still, it’s just the idea that grossed me out. I didn’t feel any cleaner after getting out, and my mood hadn’t lifted at all.

Needless to say, none of my plans came to fruition, and we ended up just going to bed early last night. I was bummed, but oh well. Reality and responsibility get in the way of our fun sometimes. And I can always try again tonight…

5 thoughts on “Real-Life Gets in the Way

  1. writingthebody says:

    Reality….it can disappoint…nicely told.

  2. Ms Mahler says:

    We established a firm rule of no baths until after the day’s shitty diaper. If that means no baths for the day, well missing one day won’t kill him. Because I refuse to deal with that kind of thing twice.

    Good luck getting time with kazander soon.

    • Domina Jen says:

      That thought IMMEDIATELY crossed my mind, lol… the problem is that it’s not uncommon for her to go 3 or 4 days without a bm (though dietary changes have made it slightly less common), and I just don’t want to make her go that long without a bath… but yeah, that’s SUCH an attractive thought!

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