Blue Balls are Surprisingly Annoying

So last night, I decided to take pity on kazander and let him have an orgasm. Granted, it was a half-ruined orgasm, but an orgasm nonetheless. He’s been having trouble sleeping, and his blue balls were really starting to get on my nerves.

Don’t get me wrong… I find it unbelievably hilarious when he has to walk like an old man with two dislocated hips and arthritis in both knees because his balls hurt so much. But it’s annoying when I’m trying to do something that’s supposed to feel good, but ends up hurting. The first time I milked him, I ended up having to use the vibrating wand, because giving him a handjob moved his balls around too much, and it hurt him to the point that he really couldn’t get to the edge. So I’ve discovered that, by milking him twice a week or so, it cuts down on the severity of his blue balls.


I can’t wait until the prostate massager I bought gets here. We’ve always done anal stuff, and I’ve massaged his prostate with my fingers, but never really used a toy, and he’s never been able to cum exclusively from prostate pressure. I hope to change that.

He’s curious to see what it’s like, and there’s a part of him, I think, that’s a bit nervous. If I can make him cum just from anal stimulation, what reason would I have to ever touch his dick again? Poor thing… Whatever will he do?

So he’s still being denied, although he’s counting down the days until he takes a week off of work. I promised him that we would switch for that week, and he would be in charge. So last night, when I asked him if he felt better, he made the comment that he’ll be feeling a lot better in 23 days or however long it is, when he gets to be the boss and I have to do whatever he says. He also says that payback is a bitch.

Blah, blah, blah, blah

Blah, blah, blah, blah

Yeah, yeah, whatever. He’s still mine for the next twenty-however-many days, and then, after his vacation is over, he’ll be mine again. We’ve always switched every year for his birthday, so while it’s definitely not on my list of favorite things,

Unlike raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, and fucking my whore with a painfully large dildo, of course

Unlike raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, and fucking my whore with a painfully large dildo, of course

… it’s not like it’s something I’ve never experienced before. He’s just getting an extra week in the summer this year, along with his birthday in the winter.

And he’s right… Payback is a bitch. And I think I’m going to have just as much fun hammering that concept home after his vacation is over as he is hammering it home to me. So it’ll be interesting.

Still, for now, he’s still mine, and I think tonight I’m going to do something pretty high up on my list of favorite things (even higher than brown paper packages tied up with string) and fuck him with my big purple dildo. He doesn’t like that dildo, but I do. The noises he makes when I put it in him are priceless.

He's made some pretty interesting sounds...

He’s made some pretty interesting sounds…

5 thoughts on “Blue Balls are Surprisingly Annoying

  1. This made me laugh! I love that movie!

  2. writingthebody says:

    Let us know how the prostate massager goes..thinking of getting one myself.

    • Domina Jen says:

      It still hasn’t come in yet :(, but I’ll let you know how we like it when it does!

      • writingthebody says:

        I find the idea of those things attractive. Does it have a kind of electric capacity – ie to give a stimulation inside, or is it manual?

      • Domina Jen says:

        No, no electric capacity (though those exist). This one is designed to fit on my vibrating wand, so it just vibrates against the prostate. The customer reviews were pretty positive, though, so I’m excited to see how well it works.

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