It has occurred to me…

That I’ve been going about this cuckolding business all wrong.

And just how in the blue hell did I come to that realization? What deep, meaningful thing sparked such an epiphany?



You see, in a lot of the cuckolding porn kazander and I like to peruse, there is a repeated theme I’m almost ashamed to admit I’d never thought of actually using. Have you ever seen a painting or watched a movie a million times, enough that you’re intimately familiar with every detail? Then, perhaps, one day, you look again, and a simple detail you’ve seen a hundred times, but have just glossed over, suddenly jumps out at you. A perfect example in my own experience would be the Mona Lisa. I’ve always loved that painting, but it took a very long time to realize that the landscape on Mrs. Giocondo’s left is significantly higher than the landscape on her right. See, little details. That sort of thing.

So this evening, while we were perusing through kazander’s not-so-secret stash of cuckold porn, I suddenly realized something that I had seen a hundred times before, but had never thought of applying to my own life.

Oh, and just a quick thing. The whore has a secret stash of cuckold porn, and yet declares with every breath that he doesn’t want to do it. Swears up and down that he’s not into it. Then looks at cuckold porn all the damn time. Even when I’m not looking at it with him. Oh, but he doesn’t like it.

Really? Are you kidding me with this shit?

Really? Are you kidding me with this shit?

So, back to my original point. Porn. Cuckold porn. Recurring theme. Right.

Quite a few of these situations involve the woman simply locking the cuckold in a chastity device, taking the key, and just not giving the cuck an option. If he hates it, he hates it. If he cries, he cries. Whatever. Who cares?

Now, obviously I can’t really do that in my own relationship. I do actually like this whore, so I need to at least pretend to make an effort to keep him around. I promised him we wouldn’t do anything cuckold-related without his go-ahead, and I’m going to keep that promise. However, I’m smarter than your average bear, and I won’t let something as simple as semantics ruin my fun.

Obviously I can’t force the situation on him, even though I really, really, really think I should. But, as of right this very second, it’s still a hard-ish limit, and forcing that particular limit could put him in a pretty bad place mentally, and could possibly even ruin our relationship. I know it won’t, but there’s a slim chance it could, and I’m not about to risk my relationship for that.

But hey! Awesome idea! I promised kazander I wouldn’t do anything with another man or cuck him without his go-ahead. But what’s stopping me from slapping the chastity device on him and just waiting for him to get desperate enough to agree to it? I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t take more than a few weeks of daily teasing, edging, face-sitting, and butt-fucking before he’s literally begging to be cuckolded. Especially since I don’t think I’ve ever made him go longer than a week without orgasm. I’d bet money that he’d be more than willing by the time Rocky comes back to town.

So that’s my new plan. I’m going to deny kazander an orgasm for a couple of weeks or so, and just see where that particular road takes us. Anything is possible. It should be an interesting journey.

Eh, close enough.

Eh, close enough.

5 thoughts on “It has occurred to me…

  1. Ms Mahler says:

    You are a devious, wicked woman. Enjoy!

  2. writingthebody says:

    There is some sensitivity in this that you put in the background a little – you are making the cuckold fantasy of your cuck more realistic for him, and that will actually help him see the reality of what is going on. As for you, well I really hope you enjoy it. What I like in your relationship – or at least as you explain it – is that you both know each other so well. Take care and nurture each other of course, but you do make me smile every time. he is a lucky boy!

    • Domina Jen says:

      I agree with you, he is definitely lucky! But yes, we know each other very well, and I always keep in the back of my mind that I am his fiance first and his owner second. Without the strong foundation we share, none of this would be possible. I’m glad I’m able to make you smile! 🙂

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