And In Other News…

I know I haven’t been online in ages. Part of that is because my internet has been unbelievably, agonizingly, horribly slow. But mostly it’s because I’ve been laid up with a horrific tooth infection, and since my dentist is apparently the most sought-after doctor in the city, they told me the earliest opening was a couple of weeks away. But eventually my body fought it off and I’m happy again.

Seriously, though… I’ve never had a tooth infection before. Never even had a toothache. So I had no idea just how painful those sons-of-bitches are. Not fun. Not even a little bit.

Well, in other news, life is just swell. Other than the fact that my damn submissive went and got me hooked on a series of books that he’s had for years. I read the first three and went searching through our impressive collection of books for the fourth, only to find out that it’s been lost to the Void of Lost Possessions, never to be found. So I’m still waiting to see if Andry turns out to be a douche and to see what new folly Pol will find himself in, with no relief in sight for my curiousity. And it’s all kazander’s fault, the bastard.

Yes, I know I could go hunt down the fourth one. Barnes and Noble would probably have it, and if not, I’m sure Amazon would. But that’s too much like work. Gotta put clothes on (you know, those things that aren’t yoga pants), get the baby dressed, drag her outside and into the car, drive to the store, drag her into the store, stay on her CONSTANTLY to stop touching shit, look for the book, hope they have it, do everything in my power to keep the spawn away from the kids’ books (do they really have to make that section so colorful and appealing? Really?), try and keep her occupied while waiting in line because they only ever have one cashier working, drag her back into the car and then drive home.

Damn right.

Damn right.

Oh, speaking of that lovable bastard, we’ve finally hammered out the budget for our wedding (which only took a few months) and I’ve spent my time working out a plan for our wedding night and honeymoon. He thinks we’re going to have sex on our wedding night (the silly, silly little man). I’ve got a few options open, and am debating on which I like best. There’s always the cuckolding option, but as of right now, that’s a long shot. First, we have to make sure he’s okay with cuckolding. Then, if Rocky and I continue to hit it off, and if Rocky and kazander hit it off, it would have to be a time when Rocky’s in town. A whole lot of things would have to go perfectly for that to become a reality.

Still, if that were to work out, that would be absolutely fantastic. What could be more humiliating than to watch your brand-new wife get thoroughly fucked by another man on the night you’re supposed to consummate your marriage? Gets me wet just thinking about it. Even kazander admitted that the idea was hot.

But even if that doesn’t work, I still have other options available. Of course, chastity is a big one. Keeping him chaste on our wedding night (and possibly throughout the entire honeymoon, which, if we’re lucky, will be in Australia) is pretty appealing. He also made the suggestion (which isn’t very realistic at this point, but we have a year and a half until our wedding, so you never know) of having a sub woman involved. He loves that girl-on-girl stuff, and while I wouldn’t really call myself bisexual, I have been known to cross that line for the right woman. And it could be great fun, tying him to a chair on our wedding night and making him watch me and another woman go at it. Also, while I’ve rented him out to other Dommes, he’s never seen me play with another sub. That could definitely be a new and exciting experience.

And he’s much more comfortable with the idea of bringing another woman into our relationship than a man, because men are just super logical that way. But either way, I’m fine with it. I’ve always liked the idea of having someone else, be it male or female or somewhere in-between. Besides, I could finally get him to stop hounding me about blow jobs. If he wants one, he can have one, as long as I’m not the one doing it.

And, of course, as long as I’m not already using her mouth for something else. Hmm… that’s actually not a bad idea. I may have to go hunting for a female submissive pretty soon.

I'll take two.

I’ll take two.

3 thoughts on “And In Other News…

  1. writingthebody says:

    A wedding…how delicious. Sorry to hear about your tooth though…

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