I never dreamed that I would climb
Over the moon in ecstasy
But nevertheless, it’s there that I’m
Shortly about to be
‘Cuz I’ve got a golden ticket
I’ve got a golden chance to make my way
And with a golden ticket, it’s a GOLLLLLLL-DENNNNN DAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Okay, so that’s out of my system, now.

Woo-Hoo! I met with that guy (I’m calling him Rocky) last night, and he was amazing! Older, gorgeous, intelligent, funny, and hung! We hit it off instantly, and I ended up going up to his hotel suite to watch porn (how in the frozen blue hell did I go 27 years without knowing about xhamster.com???) and tease kazander mercilessly by text messages. I damn near came in my pants when Rocky grabbed the phone and sent a dirty text to kazander.

Man, I wanted soooo badly to tear off my clothes and fuck him right there. But I made a promise, and that irritating, annoying little conscience of mine would never have shut up if I had broken that promise. So I told Rocky we’d just have to wait, and I sped home. I barely had my front door closed before I tore my clothes off and just basically devoured kazander.

I did kiss Rocky, though, and when I came home, I kissed kazander, and then asked him how another man tasted. He didn’t answer with his mouth, but he doesn’t know how I noticed his dick jump when I asked him. Just like every other time, his dick betrayed him. He’ll say he doesn’t like something, but when just the mention of it makes him rock hard, I know what the real answer is.

There is one minor downside to Rocky, though. It’s that he doesn’t live in Vegas. He lives somewhere else, but he’s in town every month or so for a few days. So that kind of sucks, but at least he’s here on a very regular basis, and I won’t have to go much more than a month without seeing him. The problem is that he’s leaving town tomorrow, so we’re going to have to wait until next month to play. I guess I need to work on that patience thing. And besides, it’ll definitely be worth the wait.

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