And Just Like That…

I’m back on track.

Just as I was about to lose faith in the internet completely, it gave me a glimmer of hope. I received a message from a gentleman who intrigued me. He seems like he could definitely be what I’m looking for. We spoke briefly on the phone, and his personable and friendly nature caught my attention right from the start. We still need to iron out the details, but I’m meeting him in person tomorrow. It definitely seems like we’re looking for the same thing, and if the meeting tomorrow goes well, I just might get some awesome sex in the next few days!

I don’t want to get my hopes up too high this soon, but I’m definitely looking forward to meeting him in person.

Spooky has tried to contact me, too. Apparently he “got caught up with work” (Yeah, that gas station clerk position is demanding, lemme tell ya) and just didn’t have time to send a text message to let me know he wouldn’t be there, and I that I would be waiting for 40 minutes, and that scrambling to find a babysitter was wasted effort, and that he was flaking out (for the second time, I might add) on plans we literally made 14 hours previous, even though he’s texted and yahoo messaged me while at work before.

So needless to say, those text messages went unanswered, and will continue to go unanswered. Standing me up is unacceptable, and I’m apparently in high demand, so it is the responsibility of the men who want me to prove that they’re worth my time. Those who fail to do so are easily forgotten and replaced by those who make more of an effort.

One thought on “And Just Like That…

  1. writingthebody says:

    I agree – why worry about people who do not value enough to turn up – or at least let you know they cannot make it. Good luck….and if it were not for the internet I would never have met you here….and I am at least grateful for that. As much as dominas beat me, only a few like my blog….thank you for being you….

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