Humiliation At Its Finest

So right now, I’m sitting at my computer, talking to Spooky on yahoo messenger, while kazander is lying on his back on the floor next to me, dutifully kissing and worshipping my feet, like the obedient little slut he is. Of course, I made sure to let Spooky know exactly what kazander is doing. It wouldn’t be nearly as deliciously humiliating for him if no one else knew.

Spooky is at work, though, so a few minutes can go by before he messages me back. I’m using the down time to step on poor kazander’s balls and shove my toes in his mouth. He’s lucky we’re out of condoms, or there would be a very large, very uncomfortable plug in his ass.

Spooky and kazander haven’t met in person, yet, and kazander is still pretty uncomfortable with the thought of having another man in the scene. This is a fantastic combination that allows me to humiliate the absolute living hell out of him. And, because I’m a generous Domina, I’m also using this as a way to gently introduce him to the idea of having another man involved. It still has enough anonymity to keep him on this side of his comfort line (barely), but it’s real enough that I can really push those annoying little limits of his.

And, should Spooky have any suggestions of things kazander could do, I’m definitely open to relaying those suggestions to kazander and “gently persuading” him to follow such requests.

So all in all, it’s looking like it’s going to be a fun night.

5 thoughts on “Humiliation At Its Finest

  1. writingthebody says:

    Dear Mistress, this does sound humiliating – but not sure how any of them are being cuckolded….maybe I missed something. If so, do forgive me,.

  2. writingthebody says:

    Please disregard the last Mistress…I have found the earlier post. My apologies.


    Reblogged this on Sex Maniacs Anonymous and commented:
    Overt humiliation is always more fun, especially for the cuckold.

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